Defense team for young Colorado murder suspect have many requests

In October 2012, a 10-year-old girl went missing. Her remains were later found, and a 17-year-old allegedly confessed that he was responsible for the child’s disappearance and death. Despite the tragedy of the case and the alleged confession, the young Colorado murder defendant deserves a fair shot at a criminal defense.

Confessions are not always what they seem, and neither is evidence. The criminal justice system demands certain details of the process to be in order. If they are not, then any evidence that police or prosecutors might think that they have against a defendant might be useless.

This is just one point that the teen’s defense team is relying on in an attempt to mitigate the case of the now 18-year-old. They are challenging whether law enforcement properly handled the suspect before and during his arrest. Did they read him his rights and, since he was a minor then, talk with him with his parent present?

This week, the teen’s attorneys made more than 20 other requests regarding their client and his case. Among those requests is that the case be held outside of its current venue. The violent crimes that the defendants is accused of have created constant stir in the media, making it unlikely that a local jury would be unbiased in hearing the case.

It doesn’t matter what crime or crimes that a person is charged with. Everyone has the right to be protected by the rights set in place by the U.S. legal system. We will post updates when there are developments in this high-profile Colorado case.

Source: The Denver Post, “Austin Sigg’s attorneys ask for change of venue,” Jordan Steffen, June 19, 2013

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