Defendant’s job results in special sex crime charge in Colorado

Certain jobs come with particular legal boundaries. Doctors are legally bound to keep patient information private, for example. A current Colorado Springs sex crime case addresses another responsibility held by doctors.

Colorado Springs police recently arrested a licensed psychologist in the area. We will not share her name for the sake of privacy. She is charged with a sex crime after allegedly having a sexual relationship with one of her adult patients.

Specifically, the defendant is charged with sexual assault on a client by a psychotherapist. Basically, if the doctor did have a sexual relationship with her client, she did so while holding a position of authority or with which she could easily take advantage of her supposed victim. The law wants to prevent vulnerable people from becoming victims of abuse of power.

In this Colorado case, the alleged sex assault victim is a military veteran who was referred to the defendant as his doctor. He says that the two of them had a sexual relationship for a couple of months before the defendant told him the relationship must be kept private.

She reportedly ended the relationship but is living with the consequences of it. The sex crime she is charged with is a felony in Colorado and could have a significant impact on her future in terms of her freedom and ability to continue with her career as a doctor.

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