Deadly accident surely to put eyes on Colorado DUI laws

There is no doubt that driving under the influence is dangerous, sometimes deadly. Early reports following a fatal accident near Fort Collins on Friday indicate that authorities believe the crash was the result of drunk driving.

If it was a DUI accident, then the death of the driver’s 21-year-old son is proof that drunk driving kills. However, even a suspect involved in a fatal accident like this one has rights and is owed due process in the eyes of criminal law. Not even a prior DUI arrest proves that this was a repeat offense.

The recent Colorado accident is sure to draw a high level of attention because of the driver involved and his history. He is a 45-year-old who had recently been arrested for DUI in a separate incident. He had only been out of authorities’ custody for a day before the recent accident took place.

If the crash was tied to drunk driving, then the driver could face severe charges and consequences. Multiple DUIs in Colorado increase potential sentencing for a defendant. When injury or death is involved in a case, consequences become greater as well.

No matter how serious that a DUI-related case might be, it is not wise for a defendant to just give in to the negative hype and the pressure to roll with what officials or prosecutors want. A DUI defense lawyer can help a defendant by being the voice of reason during a stressful time of legal hardship.

We will post an update when there is a development in this Colorado story.

Source: USA Today, “Man arrested in back-to-back drunk-driving cases,” Trevor Hughes, Dec. 28, 2013

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