Convicted Colorado inmate temporarily saved from execution

In past blog posts we have discussed the controversial matter of the death penalty in Colorado. Gov. Hickenlooper has had the opportunity to change the system by doing away with capital punishment in the state. He chose not to do so on the general level, but he has made a recent decision that does save at least one man from facing his death sentence.

A man was convicted of murder in Colorado for an incident in a Denver restaurant in 1993, Upon being charged with the violent crime that resulted in the deaths of three people, he confessed to the violence. The severity of the act and the evidence inspired the court to hand down the death sentence. That sentence, however, will not be carried out on Hickenlooper’s watch.

Up until a recent decision by the  Governor, the convicted man was likely dreading the week of Aug. 18. His execution by lethal injection was scheduled for that time period but now will be postponed because Hickenlooper has enough doubts regarding the matter in order to hold off on the harshest of punishments.

The reprieve isn’t permanent or official. Hickenlooper could change his mind, plus he will not be governor forever. There are still supporters of the death penalty in Colorado; capital punishment remains legal in the state. Therefore, anyone who is charged with murder must put up the most aggressive defense possible.

Some criticize the governor’s decision. From a personal standpoint, the family of the murder victims believe that justice in this case is the death penalty. From a political standpoint, others argue that Hickenlooper should make a more formal, specific decision about the death sentence in Colorado.

Source: The Associated Press, “Killer’s execution delayed indefinitely by Colorado governor,” May 22, 2013

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