Controversy swirls around Colorado Springs police dispatcher

On behalf of Anaya-McKedy, P.C. posted in Drunk Driving on Friday, September 16, 2011.

A 28-year-old Colorado Springs dispatcher for the police department is the center of a controversy that has erupted as to whether the department failed to properly handle internal investigations into her three alcohol related arrests, including one that resulted in a 2005 DUI conviction.

That arrest took place approximately six months after she assumed her job duties with the police department. Her subsequent first evaluation review ignored the DUI arrest and conviction.

While she agreed to abstain from consuming liquor after the conviction, she allegedly ignored this agreement and was found heavily intoxicated with coworkers at a tavern. According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, an internal investigation into this incident was quashed by a deputy police chief, partially because the drinking occurred off-duty.

She was arrested for DUI a second time in April of 2008 in an incident in which she was discovered in the driver’s seat of her vehicle sprawled unconscious near a restaurant.

Her third arrest took place in June of this year when she allegedly tried to steal a pick-up truck and the hot dog cart attached to it. She was allegedly drunk at the time and argued that she needed to take the truck to chase a fleeing criminal.

In all, the dispatcher has been the subject of at least six internal departmental investigations, but only the last one reportedly led to disciplinary action.

She currently on paid administrative leave after pleading not guilty to charges involving the truck and hot dog cart.

Clearly, the charges put not only her freedom in danger, but also her career. In similar situations, people rely on the experience and knowledge of a criminal defense attorney who has obtained positive results at trial and in negotiations with prosecutors.

Source: Colorado Springs Gazette: “6 investigations in about 6 years focused on police dispatcher” by Jakob Rodgers: Sept. 2, 2011