Colorado woman charged with DUI at 73 years old

Having charges of driving under the influence brought against you can be very scary. It is a serious thing to have to deal with and often the charges can follow people for the rest of their lives. One Colorado woman found herself facing such charges recently as she reportedly struck a food truck and 18-year-old boy with her own vehicle.

The woman in question was driving a 1998 Toyota and is reported to have said she had gone to the church where the food truck was parked for an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting that morning. The police who responded to the scene are said to have believed that the woman was under the influence of alcohol. The young man suffered some injuries and the woman, 73 years old, was charged with DUI, DUI Per Se and suspicion of vehicular assault. Charges like these could impact this woman’s life greatly and other elderly individuals who find themselves facing charges could have benefits lowered, employment terminated, and not be able to care for themselves depending on their convictions.

Facing DUI charges as anyone is never an easy thing to go through, but especially for a person later in their life, it can be very scary. The woman in this did mention the AA meeting, so it could be that part of her sentence if she is convicted involves rehabilitation for alcohol abuse.

Understanding the laws surrounding DUI in your area can help you to know your options, should you find yourself in a situation similar to this one. For Colorado residents facing drunk driving or DUI charges, looking into seeking legal counsel could help them know how to proceed in their defense and maybe receive a sentence that is more appropriate.

Source:, “Boulder police arrest 73-year-old suspected of DUI,” Robert Garrison, Oct. 3, 2012

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