Colorado woman accused of forging checks

A woman who lives about 100 miles due north of Colorado Springs was recently arrested by police in Boulder, who claim she engaged in the white collar crime of forging checks

The 37-year-old was officially charged with suspicion of felony theft in addition to numerous counts of forgery after she was recently arrested.

Law enforcement authorities claim that the woman leveraged her position as a bookkeeper for a third-party firm to take $10,000 from a pair of Burger King restaurant franchises.

She worked at the job between 2008 and 2011, media outlets report.

As a bookkeeper, she apparently worked with a number of Burger King franchises. After she left, a man that used to serve as her superior allegedly found Burger King payroll checks made out to the woman. A number of the checks were from a franchise in Montrose; there was also one check issued on behalf of a franchise in Grand Junction.

The 15 payroll checks from the Montrose location tallied $9,506.25, while the remaining single check was for the amount of $1,145.83. That brought the total amount to $9,652.04.

Both companies apparently agreed not to pursue charges against the woman as long as she agreed to return the money in full by January 25.

According to a media report, the woman told the companies that she plans on paying the money back. She asked them to agree to a payment plan, stating that the missing money would be fully returned by March 15.

When she didn’t comply with the companies’ demands, they contacted police.

Clearly, her legal problems are mounting. She should speak with an attorney experienced in successfully representing clients accused white-collar crimes.

Source: Colorado Daily: “Boulder bookkeeper accused of $10,000 theft from Burger King franchises,” March 8, 2012

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