Colorado trick-or-treaters hit the streets; so did DUI crackdown

Around Halloween, lots of police work was taking place in Colorado. As we mentioned in a previous post around the holiday, a big crackdown was planned and netted a lot of supposed drunk drivers. More than 550 people were arrested and charged with DUI all across Colorado, including in Colorado Springs.

In addition to the Colorado State Patrol, a variety of sheriff’s departments and police departments were involved in the DUI crackdown. The law enforcement plan started on Friday, Oct. 26 at 6:00 PM and didn’t stop until Thursday, Nov. 1 at 3:00 AM. Denver had the top number of DUI arrests, and that was closely followed by Aurora, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Adams County.

Motorists were all given fair warning, but the number of arrests still went up from last year, when there were 10 deaths in alcohol-related accidents in October. Traditionally, October is a very deadly month for people on the roadways in the state, with DUI issues being relatively common during that time.

Despite the crackdown, though, there were still 38 crashes this October that resulted in 43 deaths. Twelve of the accidents were reportedly related to alcohol or drugs.

Though the deaths are a sobering reminder of how serious DUI issues actually are, that just means that anyone who is charged with drunk driving or something more serious tied to an alleged DUI accident needs some serious help. No matter how seemingly minor or severe the situation, drunk driving defendants need the help of an aggressive DUI defense attorney who can try to mitigate the consequences of a DUI arrest.

Source: Denver Post, “Halloween “Heat is on” leads to 564 DUI arrests in Colorado”, November 14, 2012

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