Colorado teen charged with violent crime against fellow student

In a YouTube video that has attracted many viewers, a trio of Colorado teens can be seen participating in a lunchroom brawl that goes beyond the average lunchroom stresses. Whereas a teen’s biggest worry in the school cafeteria used to be whether she’d have anyone to sit with, what went down in the cafeteria in this instance suggests that modern day teens live in a different world.

As a result of the lunchroom incident, a 14-year-old has been suspended from school, her sister might have sustained a concussion and a 15-year-old faces a violent crime charge. The juvenile case has gained notoriety because of the video of the incident that a student took in the cafeteria. It makes the public uncomfortable to see that level of violence taking place between youth and within school walls.

The video footage adds to the threat against the 15-year-old who is accused of starting the violent incident. Teens do make mistakes, sometimes scary ones like what it appears that the recording has captured. In order for those mistakes to not lead to a severe bump in the road and stain on a teen’s criminal record, a juvenile defendant needs an aggressive criminal defense lawyer.

Reports indicate that the mother of the victim claims that her daughter was being threatened by the juvenile defendant before the recorded incident took place. Officials will want to determine whether that’s true. With teens so often relying on phones and technology these days (such as the cell phone footage of this attack proves) threats that were allegedly sent to the teen won’t be hard to confirm or deny.

Yes, the footage of this incident is quite shocking. It is still important to keep age in mind in scenarios like this one. Handling juvenile crimes too harshly can set a child up for hardship and continued legal struggles in her future.

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Source: Daily Mail, “Girl, 15, faces criminal charges ‘for fighting with two other girls in a school cafeteria in a vicious attack that was caught on camera’,” Feb. 27, 2013

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