Colorado takes stronger stance against violent crimes

There are various types of violent crime, from human trafficking to rape to domestic violence and more. And, based on recently signed legislation, Colorado is setting stricter limits on those who are convicted of violent crime.

Yesterday, Gov. Hickenlooper didn’t sign just one bill into law, but he signed three bills related to crimes of violence in the state. Overall, the new laws put harsher penalties before people found guilty of various violent crimes such as rape, human trafficking and more.

Due to new legislation, sentencing for sex trafficking will be increased as a way to curb what officials see as a growing and illegal business in the state. A conviction of that offense, therefore, is an even greater threat to a defendant’s future.

Hickenlooper also approved a law that sets more personal limits on those convicted of rape in Colorado. If a child results from rape, the person who is convicted of the sex crime will be unable to fight for parental rights. It is a very personal matter, both to the victims of rape and the defendants.

Another change in Colorado will be how victim notification is funded. Victims of violent crime will be notified of a convicted offender’s release, a measure that is supposed to help prevent past victims of becoming victims again.

Clearly, the state takes crimes of violence seriously. Someone who is charged with an offense such as rape, domestic violence, assault, etc., has a lot to lose if convicted, and those losses take place both during and after imprisonment. An aggressive criminal defense lawyer can help mitigate the severity of one’s losses.

Source: CBS Denver, “3 Bills Aimed At Protecting Victims Of Violent Crime Signed Into Law,” May 28, 2013

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