Colorado State Patrol cracks down on drunk driving

The Super Bowl is a traditional time for parties and gathering with friends at bars or restaurants, but for those who decide to drive after a few drinks, it can be a night to remember for reasons other than just a great game. The Colorado State Patrol and the Colorado Department of Transportation joined forces with local law enforcement agencies across the state in early February to create an increased presence against drunk driving.

The chief of the Colorado State Patrol said that drivers would have seen an increased police presence through the Super Bowl and into Feb. 3. Officers were looking for drivers under the influence of alcohol, as well as those driving under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs and marijuana.

The number of DUI arrests typically increases around the time of the Super Bowl, and 421 arrests for driving under the influence were reported over Super Bowl weekend in 2013, up from 275 in 2012. The crackdown is part of the Heat Is On program, which goes throughout the year, focusing on 12 specific periods around holidays and public events.

Drunk driving arrests don’t happen just at these times, however, and drivers operating vehicles under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substances should be aware of Colorado’s laws and legal limits. Drunk driving is a serious charge that can lead to long-term effects on the person’s life, especially if the charge is related to a car accident. For those charged with DUI or similar offenses, understanding how field sobriety tests and proper police procedure factor in can influence the options for defense.

Source: Vail Daily, “Cops cracking down on DUI during Super Bowl” Randy Wyrick, Jan. 31, 2014

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