Colorado Springs teen accused of stabbing dad

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Domestic disputes are all too common in Colorado and lead to many injuries and deaths each year. Arguments between couples occasionally escalate further than they should, and sometimes teenage children try to step in and help one parent or stop the fight.

Today it was reported that police were called to a Colorado Springs apartment building last night just before 11 p.m. after a 17-year-old juvenile ended up stabbing his father who had been fighting with the teen’s mother.

Apparently, the teen’s mother and father had been in a domestic dispute that turned physical and after the teen stepped in, he was beaten by his father. At some point, the teen allegedly grabbed a knife and stabbed his father, causing a 2-inch long gash on his neck.

When police arrived at the apartment building’s parking lot, they reportedly found the father lying in a pool of blood. The man was immediately brought to a local hospital and it appears that his injuries are not life-threatening. He is now recovering.

As of yet, the teen has not been charged with a crime. Police officers are likely conducting an investigation to determine if charges should be brought against the 17-year-old, or if he was acting in self-defense.

Because the teen is under the age of 18 if he were prosecuted it would likely be in El Paso County juvenile court. Although juvenile crimes typically come with less severe sentencing than adult crimes, a juvenile record can still have harmful long-term effects on a teen’s life.

For this reason, it is extremely important that minors have effective legal representation in any criminal proceeding.

Source: Colorado Springs Gazette, “Teen accused of stabbing dad during family argument,” Dena Rosenberry, 6/9/2011.

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