Colorado Springs police looking for gun battle witnesses

A recent police check erupted into a blaze of gunfire, media sources reported.

When police tried to check a suspicious vehicle at nine in the morning in a Colorado Springs parking lot, the vehicle took off. Police chased the vehicle, which had three people inside. The police stated that someone in the Honda committed a violent crime by shooting at the officers with a weapon that looked like an assault rifle.

Media sources report that police officers said the Honda was stolen and that the three men in the car were planning a robbery when the police showed up to check the car. After the Honda drove off, the police chased it throughout the city. They said the car stopped many times and drove through busy parking lots while trying to evade the police. The police said that when the Honda got near a Lowe’s store, another gunfight erupted. Police fired four rounds at the Honda as it went through business parking lots.

The Honda took off again, but another police car was coming down the street in the opposite direction. Media sources said that the police car rammed the Honda in order to stop the chase. When police rammed the Honda, it veered off the road, then flipped over and landed on its roof in someone’s front yard.

Police arrested two of the people in the car, but one man got away on foot. He was arrested later.

A witness said that when he heard the crash, he looked out of his window and saw 15 police cruisers surrounding the Honda, and that the officers all had their guns drawn.

The three men, a 21-year-old, a 20-year-old and a 23-year-old, were all being held on charges for attempted murder of a police officer, eluding police and attempted robbery.

Source: Colorado Springs Gazette: “Police arrest three after chase, rolling gunbattle in Springs,” Kristina Iodice, April 7, 2012

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