Colorado Springs police arrest man on suspicion of murder

Law enforcement officials said they’re not expecting to make more arrests in connection with the shootings at the Golden Cue Bar.

Officials at Fort Carson said a male soldier died in the shooting and a female soldier was injured. Their names hadn’t been released at the time we read a media report. However, they’re expected to be identified at some point today after the autopsy on the man has been finished.

The Colorado Springs Gazette quoted a police officer who described a chaotic Golden Cue Bar scene Saturday night, with “several hundred” people packed inside the premises around one in the morning. That’s when several fights apparently broke out and shots were fired.

Officers who arrived on the scene found two people shot, with another person possibly stabbed.

The injured woman was treated and released at Evans Army Community Hospital. The man died on his way by ambulance to a separate medical facility.

Witnesses reportedly gave investigators information which was the basis for police officers to obtain and execute a search warrant in the case, a law enforcement spokesperson said.

The Golden Cue is a strip club and pool hall that has had several shootings inside its walls in the past several years, the Gazette reports.

Three years ago, three men were shot and two were stabbed in brawls there. Two years ago, a man was shot in each of his legs outside the bar in its parking lot.

Source: Colorado Springs Gazette, “Arrest made in shooting that killed Carson GI,” June 2, 2012

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