Colorado Springs man arrested on suspicion of stabbing

Police in Colorado Springs arrested a man last week, accusing him of involvement in violent crimes, including a stabbing.

According to a media report, law enforcement officials surrounded his home on the northeast side of town, deploying a stun gun and tear gas in the hands of SWAT tactical units. This led to a standoff between the police and the arrestee, which lasted approximately four hours until the officers managed to get close to the man and tackle him.

At one point, police used a battering ram to smash open the door to the home, then sent a robot inside. Police claimed that the man threw the robot and then the battering ram back at them.

They said that the man was armed with a knife and they fired canisters of tear gas into the garage and house. They fired the electrodes of a stun gun at the man several times, but stated that he just pulled the probes off and remained \ unaffected by the weapon.

Police believe that the man stabbed his father during an argument.

Prior to that, he is accused of having gone towards his mother with a knife after hitting her.

The father’s stabbing, according to police, came as a result of his stepping between the mother and son in an attempt to intervene.

Both the father and mother reportedly received injuries described as non-life-threatening.

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Source: KKTV, “Standoff Suspect Resists Stun Gun And Gas,” Aug. 9, 2012

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