Colorado Springs man arrested in 1994 murder

Colorado Springs police yesterday afternoon arrested a 57-year-old man for murder in a 1994 case. Police say they found DNA evidence linking the man to the killing of a 38-year-old woman.

The investigation began in July of 1994, when the mentally impaired woman was reported missing from her southeast home she shared with her sister.

Nine days after the missing person’s report was filed, police found the woman’s body in North Cheyenne Canyon in southwest Colorado Springs.

Investigators concluded that she’d died as a result of blunt force trauma injuries.

They collected forensic evidence from her body and around her body, including DNA evidence.

Late last year, the DNA evidence was sent to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for analysis.

That analysis, police say, led them to the man they arrested yesterday. He had been an associate of the woman, they say.

In 1995, a year after the woman’s death, one of her relatives was arrested in a separate homicide case. He told investigators then that the man arrested yesterday killed his relative in 1994, or at the very least could identify the killer.

The relative was later sentenced to 32 years in prison for his role in the other killing.

Police say some of the investigative work done in the cold case arrest was funded by a federal grant for police agencies to reexamine homicide and sexual assault cases gone cold.

The suspect in the 1994 case is scheduled to make his first appearance in El Paso County Criminal Justice Center today.

Source: KRDO: “Arrest Made In 1994 Springs Murder Case,” March 12, 2012

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