Colorado Springs man arrested for murder

Colorado Springs police say a 44-year-old woman was stabbed to death early Easter Sunday by her 31-year-old husband. He was later arrested and charged with her murder.

Police arrived in response to a 911 call at the couple’s apartment at about four in the morning on Sunday, the Colorado Springs Gazette reports.

Inside, they said they found the mother of three unconscious with multiple stab wounds.

The woman died shortly thereafter from the wounds, police said. They then arrested the man on suspicion of murder in the first degree.

Police did not describe events that preceded their arrival.

The newspaper said residents of the apartment complex described the place as quiet and expressed shock over the allegations.

The couple had only been married since November of last year, the paper reported.

In January, the man was arrested on a charge of misdemeanor domestic violence. He was released on a $3,000 bond, court records indicate.

The woman’s daughter, who lived with the couple in their apartment, described the defendant for the newspaper: “he seemed like a great guy.”

The daughter said she had stayed at a friend’s house the night her mother died.

In these kinds of cases, it can be tempting for members of the media and their readers and viewers to leap to conclusions about the evidence and defendant.

We know that regardless, the defendant is to be considered by our legal system to be innocent unless and until proven guilty. He has a fundamental right to defend himself against the charges with the assistance of a criminal defense attorney.

Source: Colorado Springs Gazette: “Police: Husband arrested in Springs stabbing death,” Maria St. Louis-Sanchez, April 8, 2012

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