Colorado Springs day care teacher accused of abuse

On behalf of Anaya-McKedy, P.C. posted in Violent Crimes on Friday, June 22, 2012.

A day care center worker in Colorado Springs is being prosecuted on accusations that she threatened violent crimes against one of the children under her care last month.

Authorities claimed that she asked a crying child if she should go ahead and cut the girl’s leg off, all the while holding a sharp knife against her knee. The child was enrolled in the Building Blocks Child Care center.

The child is six years old and reportedly was told to stop crying or else get cut. Criminal charges lodged against the 34-year-old female day care teacher include felony menacing, child abuse, and reckless endangerment.

The purported incident was first brought to attention when the 10-year-old daughter of the day care center’s director talked to her mother about it. Another employee at the day care center, also a teacher, later claimed to have witnessed the threat. The day care center subsequently fired the accused teacher.

Police stated that they interviewed the six-year-old girl on May 31 and that she told them the incident happened after she hurt her knee and she approached the teacher, seeking comfort. She said she felt sad that the teacher responded by replying that she would cut the leg off.

After the interview, officers arrested the teacher, who gave them the pocket knife they claimed she had pulled on the girl. She was later released after posting a bond.

The warrant police used in making the arrest states that the teacher initially stated that she had only pulled out the knife and held it up to a finger on her own child, also present at the facility. It also says that she reacted sarcastically when confronted about the accusation by the center’s director, complying with a request that she put the pocket knife out of reach in her parked car.

Source: CBS News, “Day care worker threatened to cut off child’s leg, gets fired, arrested, say Colo. Cops,” June 19, 2012