Colorado Springs car shop owner, employees face charges

Last week, law enforcement officials shut down a Colorado Springs auto repair shop over allegations that it had been engaged in consumer fraud.

This week, the Gazette reports that the owner and two employees face criminal charges that they engaged in a conspiracy to deceive law enforcement officials about an auto accident.

Police claim that the owner of Springs Transmission and Automotive, on Chelton Loop North, and two employees conspired to falsely claim that an SUV taken to the shop for repairs had been stolen and crashed.

Police say the Chevrolet Suburban was never stolen, but was instead taken for a drive by the owner and an employee, who then got into a traffic accident, abandoned the Suburban and were then picked up by the employee’s girlfriend.

Law enforcement officials say the owner then contacted police to say he had been driving the Suburban when the vehicle started making a noise. The owner pulled the SUV over to see what was wrong when two men carrying guns approached him and then seized the vehicle and drove off.

A little less than an hour later, the allegedly stolen SUV was found off of Interstate 25 at the scene of a traffic accident in which it had been damaged, Colorado State Patrol officers reported.

Officers say they learned that the SUV was never stolen; that the owner and employee were seen by passersby as they left the vehicle after getting crashing it on I-25.

They then reportedly contacted the employee’s girlfriend, who gave them a ride. The men were charged with false reporting and conspiracy; she was charged with false reporting for allegedly lying during a witness interview.

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Source: Colorado Springs Gazette, Springs auto shop owner arrested in conspiracy case,” Sept. 12, 2012

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