Colorado sex crime defendant claims he’s not guilty; his twin is

Family sticks together, right? When there is a disagreement or someone is in need of help, the philosophy is quite simple. Family exists to help each other get through the bad times and the good. In the case of a set of twin brothers, however, there seems to be limit in regards to how far one will go to help the other out.

But if you were accused of a sex crimes against children in Colorado and other states, wouldn’t you do just about anything to get to the truth of your innocence — even if that meant turning on your sibling? This question comes up in a unique, almost fiction-like sex crime case in Colorado.

An army lieutenant with a reportedly pristine record is accused of committing sexual offenses against young kids while he was stationed in Colorado Springs. He is also accused of the rapes of other children in Alabama and Texas. He claims that he his not guilty but suggests that he knows who is: his twin brother.

Authorities have confirmed that the charged criminal defendant does, in fact, have a twin brother. There is no comment from the brother or from any legal defense that he might now want to get on his side. A legal analyst does confirm that DNA evidence that officials could have linked to the defendant could be his brother’s. Twins’ DNA is the same, though their fingerprints would differ.

This is an unusual defense, but that doesn’t mean the twin defense isn’t the truth. The person who is convicted of the sex crimes involving minors faces severe sentencing. Pinning the offenses on the wrong man would be tragic. We will post an update when there is a development in this case.

Source: ksdk, “Army lieutenant blames sex crimes on twin,” Cheryl Preheim, Nov. 1, 2013

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