Colorado resident’s sex offender status doesn’t make him criminal

The public might think that it is the job of law enforcement to keep them safe, and to an extent they are right. However, the most important part of the law’s job is to protect the rights of citizens, including those who have pasts that might upset others.

Members of a Colorado community contacted police regarding their worries about a registered sex offender in their neighborhood. They claim that a man in their area was approaching children and that his actions made them uncomfortable. Police can’t do anything because, simply put, making someone uncomfortable isn’t a crime.

Men and women who are required to register as sex offenders have tough roads before them. The community wherein they live likely knows about their sex offender status and, therefore, makes quick judgements about their histories and intentions. People are required to become part of the sex offender registry for a variety of reasons. People’s worst fears about registered sex offenders are not always true.

Residents in Westminster told police that a 58-year-old man in their neighborhood was hanging around parks and talking to young children. Police took him into custody but ultimately gave into the reality that he had broken no laws. His behavior certainly didn’t suggest he had committed any sex crime.

Cases involving allegations of sexual offenses are especially serious. A person’s future is significantly impacted by the direction of such a criminal case. A criminal defense lawyer with experience fighting sex crime charges is important to mitigating the situation.

Source: 9 News, “Registered sex offender released after Westminster incident,” Kevin Torres, Sep. 2, 2013

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