Colorado minor league players suspended after rape charges

Baseball fans whose taste for the sport reaches even into Colorado’s minor baseball league might recognize the faces and names of two 23-year-old Colorado Rockies players who were arrested recently. Both young men are now former pitchers for the team due to their legal situations.

Rather than taking to the mound to pitch, the former minor league pitchers will likely take to the stand. Both are now criminal defendants in serious sex crime cases. They are charged with first-degree rape after an incident that authorities allege took place out of state.

The rape charges are based on allegations that the suspects sexually assaulted a woman in an apartment last weekend. Details regarding the supposed wrongdoing are unavailable, though the charges suggest that the defendants forced sex on an unwilling or vulnerable victim.

Reports don’t indicate whether the defendants have criminal histories or whether they have commented on the charges before them. If they are convicted of the rape charges, they could face severe sentencing. They could basically lose the rest of their lives to prison, with the maximum sentence being life-long incarceration.

It doesn’t matter whether someone has a promising future as a professional athlete. It doesn’t matter how young or old a person is. It doesn’t matter if someone has a criminal history. If someone is accused of committing a sexual offense, he needs the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. There is too much on the line for the defendants in this case and for any other rape suspects to not put up the most effective defense possible when facing allegations that could cost them their freedom.

Source: KDVR, “2 Colorado Rockies minor-league pitchers accused of rape in North Carolina,” David Mitchell, Aug. 2, 2013

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