Colorado man to serve time for fraud-related offense

A Colorado man is in jail as a result of a contempt of court charge related to his alleged involvement in a charitable fraud scheme. The man reportedly had models sell various types of merchandise, claiming that the money would go to college scholarships. This action violated a 2013 court order that made selling merchandise, promoting charity events or collecting money for charitable organizations off limits.

Reports suggest that the charity involved with the college scholarship fund was not what it was made out to be and that the money was really going toward sales bonuses for the promotional managers. According to a filed complaint, I Heart This Bar sold bracelets and T-shirts at bars and tailgate parties, but the models were instructed to say they were only asking for donations.

The models were allegedly told that somewhere between 40 to 90 percent of the money taken in would be funneled to a charity, but reports suggest that the money may have ended up in a bank account connected to one of the man’s companies. The complaint accuses the man of using the money for personal expenses including a BMW, dating services and going out to eat.

The man will serve 14 days in jail as a result of the contempt of court charge, and it is unclear whether other charges or penalties may be pursued at a later date. These types of white collar crimes are often played out in the media, possibly tarnishing the reputation of the defendant while he or she is still presumed innocent. A solid criminal defense may help someone dealing with these accusations in a court of law.

Source: USA Today, “Colorado cancer fundraiser jailed” Gary Strauss, Jan. 31, 2014

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