Colorado man arrested in fatal shooting of police officer

A Colorado man is in custody, facing accusations that he committed murder after a Denver policewoman, 32, was shot and killed during a jazz festival last weekend.

The 21-year-old suspect was apprehended late Sunday, along with a gun, law enforcement officials said.

Police say they believe the suspect acted alone, shooting the off-duty but uniformed officer in the head as she responded to a report of a disturbance at the park where the festival was taking place.

She was working as a member of the festival’s security force.

“There was a tragic event last night and a beautiful young, single mother and a valuable member of the Denver Police Department lost her life,” a spokesperson for the Denver police department said.

The officer was raising her daughter, 12.

The suspect is being held without bail.

He appeared in court, wearing a red jumpsuit and in chains, surrounded by deputies whose badges were draped with black and blue ribbons indicating they’re mourning the death of a fellow officer.

Witnesses said at least two shots were fired after a band finished a set on a pavilion stage next to a lake. Concert attendees fled as they heard the shots ring out.

Police said they weren’t sure who or what caused the initial disturbance that the officer was responding to when she was shot.

They also offered no theory as to why she was shot.

Obviously, her death is a tragedy and our hearts go out to her family. All of us must remember, however, that an arrest isn’t a finding of guilt and that suspects are always to be presumed innocent unless and until they are proven guilty.

Source: Associated Press, “Suspect arrested in fatal shooting of Denver officer; victim identified as single mother,” June 25, 2012

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