Colorado man arrested after carrying gun into theater

A man who lives north of Colorado Springs was arrested after he reportedly carried a gun into a multiplex movie theater recently.

Police say moviegoers are nervous after the recent murder spree at an Aurora theater.

The 48-year-old Northglenn man in the recent incident was taken into custody after moviegoers reported that he was carrying a firearm strapped to his waist.

He was released by law enforcement officials after they wrote a citation and a summons for him.

The man told an area media outlet that he possesses a concealed weapons permit. The permit was issued in 2003 by the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office.

He said he’s gone to area theaters many times carrying a handgun both openly and concealed.

He told a media source that he posed no threat to anyone in the theater. “I didn’t threaten anybody,” he said.

However, he was issued a citation after approximately 40 people were evacuated from the theaters at the multiplex.

The citation was for displaying a weapon.

A police spokesperson said people were “fleeing the theaters” and “yelling there was a man with a gun.”

Prosecutors are apparently reviewing the case to see if the man actually violated any laws. A spokesperson said Colorado’s concealed carry firearm law allows people who have passed background checks and received training to carry firearms in most situations.

The man told a media source that he’d been watching a movie called “The Watch” for about 15 minutes when the lights went up and officials entered the theater.

Source: Associated Press, “Thornton police arrest man after gun carried into movie theater,” July 30, 2012

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