Colorado grand jury documents reignite interest in JonBenet death

JonBenet Ramsey’s dead body was found in the basement of her Colorado family home in 1996. From the beginning, suspicion swirled around the child pageant star’s parents, John and Patricia. Despite the intense level of suspicion, neither parent was ever formally charged following their child’s now infamous death.

So why is this old but high-profile case making headlines again? A judge recently released new information in connection to JonBenet’s death. Pages from a Colorado grand jury indicate that the jury thought that the Ramseys should have been charged with a crime in Colorado as a result of their daughter’s death. So why weren’t the parents ever charged?

The district attorney at the time didn’t feel that there was sufficient evidence to effectively move forward with criminal charges, whether they be murder, child abuse or some other charge. Based on the papers, the grand jury thought that the Ramseys should have been charged with child abuse that resulted in death. Neither that charge nor any other charge ever moved forward.

In 2008, new evidence helped finally vindicate John Ramsey (Patricia died of ovarian cancer in 2006). DNA evidence proved that the Ramseys were not responsible for the murder of JonBenet. The emergence of the grand jury papers this week, John and his attorney worry, only throw more fuel on the fire of those who wrongly assume that JonBenet’s death had something to do with her family. They hope that people will remember the DNA evidence that shows there is a murderer still out there, but that person is not John or Patricia.

If there is a development in this forever notorious Colorado murder case, we will post an update.

Source: CNN, “Court papers: Grand jury in 1999 sought to indict JonBenet Ramsey’s parents,” Michael Martinez and Faith Karimi, Oct. 25, 2013

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