Colorado campaigner charged with groping voter

The presidential election is over. All of the campaigning that has been filling our heads over the past year will be put to rest, at least until next election season. But though the race is over, a young man who helped campaign for the president is just at the beginning of a different kind of fight.

Last week, a 24-year-old man who was going door to door in support of President Obama was arrested for a sexual offense in Colorado. He has been accused of groping a young woman while he visited her home for campaigning reasons. He lost his position on his campaign committee and, more seriously, is facing a criminal charge.

According to reports, the young worker visited the supposed sex offense victim at her home, talked to her about the election and then attempted to place a campaign sticker on her. The woman claims that his attempt wasn’t so innocent; he allegedly “grabbed her breasts” instead of simply placing a sticker on her.

Specifically, the young defendant has been charged with unlawful sexual conduct. It is a less severe charge in comparison to other sex crimes, but it is a sex crime allegation nonetheless. The accusation alone, just like with other sexual offense cases, is enough to seriously jeopardize his reputation and future opportunities.

Sources are yet to report any comments from the defendant or his defense attorney in this Colorado case.

It isn’t uncommon for misunderstandings to lead to allegations of sexual abuse. Our criminal defense firm has experience fighting charges in such cases and mitigating the severity of a charge in other cases. Visit our Colorado Springs Sexual Offense page to learn more about how we handle this type of case.

Source: Coloradoan, “Obama campaign worker accused of groping Loveland woman while applying sticker,” Luke Buchanan, Nov. 1, 2012

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