Colorado bank robbery still a mystery

A bank robbery that recently occurred at a Wells Fargo branch about 185 miles northwest of Colorado Springs, remains unsolved, authorities say.

The robbery, which is the fourth that has happened in the region in recent months, follows hold-ups at banks in Basalt, Clifton and Glenwood Springs, according to official reports. Officials are not sure whether the robberies are linked. The robberies have been clustered in Colorado’s high country, about four hours northwest of El Paso County.

The suspect, an average-sized white male, came into the bank shortly before it closed. He was reportedly wearing a wig and perhaps a fake mustache, according to tellers who saw him. The man used a handgun to intimidate employees and a customer, forcing them to cower behind a teller’s bench.

The alleged robber also bound the employees’ and customer’s hands, took a large amount of cash, and drove away in a stolen getaway car. The vehicle was the property of one of the bank employees. The car was found later on Saturday with the keys in its ignition, though no information has been released about the car’s owner or its make and model.

Tellers and officers say they are unsure about how much money the man stole. They have also not released information pertaining to the type of container the man took when he stole the money.

The investigation into the matter continues, with Carbondale Police working collaboratively with members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other law-enforcement entities. Officers say they have a number of leads, and they are working very hard to determine where the suspect might be hiding.

Source: Post Independent, “No arrest yet in Wells Fargo bank heist,” John Colson, May 8, 2012

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