Colorado athlete’s domestic violence case dropped

In a past post, we shared how Denver Nuggets star Ty Lawson attracted attention for his personal and not professional life. He and his pregnant girlfriend were both arrested related to a domestic dispute that Colorado authorities responded to in August.

There is a positive update to the Colorado Springs domestic violence case this week. Lawson no longer has to worry about criminal charges of domestic assault and harassment. After continued investigation into the incident, the district attorney decided to not pursue charges in the cases of either Lawson or his girlfriend.

Initial reports of the reported disagreement indicated that the two were arguing and had at least caused property damage in the process before police arrived to their home. Lawson was also rumored to have pushed his girlfriend. But based on the recent announcement that no charges will be drawn against the NBA star or his girlfriend, rumors were not validated with any evidence that could support the pursuit of an assault conviction.

The public, as well as the media, likes to make assumptions about celebrities who escape legal ramifications for alleged wrongdoing. A professional athlete, however, is owed the same rights as anyone else. He should be presumed innocent until proven otherwise. Officials cannot and shouldn’t pursue a criminal conviction unless there is enough evidence to do so. Otherwise, time and money is wasted on a case that should never have gone forward in the first place.

This story is an example of a case being dismissed before charges were even brought forward. There is still a chance at redemption if someone is officially charged with a crime like domestic violence, though. A criminal defense lawyer can help someone at any point in the process, from right after an arrest to the criminal trial and beyond.

Source: The Denver Channel, “Charges of domestic violence against Nuggets star Ty Lawson dropped by district attorney,” Ryan Budnick and Phil Tenser, Oct. 8, 2013

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