Child will be charged as adult in Colorado bomb scare case

There is no question that recent violent events within schools as well as the Boston Marathon bombing have left the nation hyper-sensitive to any potential threats of violence. Gun laws are changing, and more and more people are on the lookout for a possible sign of danger and willing to swiftly act.

Are authorities reacting too harshly to a recent situation at a Colorado high school? A teacher reported that there was something that looked like an explosive device within the school The supposed pipe bomb never went off. No one got hurt. A child is charged with attempted murder.

The defendant in this Colorado case is 16 years old. While reports don’t name him because of his juvenile status, the court has decided to treat him as an adult in regards to how prosecutors will move forward with the first-degree attempted murder case. Being charged as an adult means there is the chance of significantly more severe sentencing should the boy be convicted of the crime.

This morning the teen was formally charged with first-degree attempted murder and various other charges related to the use of an explosive device. Authorities claim that evidence was found at the boy’s home that supported the theory that he is the one responsible for the pipe bomb device found in the Boulder high school on May 13.

Every individual criminal case should be handled based on its own merit and the laws currently on the books. Recent acts of violence, though tragic, shouldn’t result in a defendant being treated with a heavier hand unless the laws have changed and made it ethical for the state to do so.

Do you think that the teen in this scenario should be charged as an adult? Please feel free to share your thoughts and insights on this blog.

We will post an update when there is a development in this case.

Source: The Denver Post, “Boulder teen charged as adult in pipe bomb case,” May 24

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