Belief behind shooting of Colorado teen to determine legal steps

It was early in the morning on Monday when residents in a Colorado Springs neighborhood claim to have heard loud bangs. Those bangs turned out to be gunshots, fatal gunshots. The victim of the Colorado shooting was a 16-year-old who was reportedly trying to get into her home at the time.

The teenager died as a result of a shot to her chest, and the suspect left to live with what has happened is her very own stepfather. On the public’s and authorities’ minds is whether the incident was intended violent crime against the teen. The stepfather has a story to suggest he acted within Colorado criminal law.

As the Associated Press indicates, Colorado’s “Make My Day” law would excuse the stepfather of shooting at the teen if his story is true. He claims that he believed the teen was an intruder who was a threat to his home and his security. Based on the law and his belief at the time when he fired his weapon, the death of the teen could be the result of no criminal behavior.

Investigators continue to evaluate the details of this incident. The tendency is for the public to want someone held accountable when there is a death, especially the death of a child. However, every criminal suspect deserves to tell his story and try to defend his name and future. Perhaps this was just a tragic mistake. Convicting a man for murder for making a mistake would be an error of the criminal justice system.

We will post an update when there is a development related to this Colorado shooting.

Source: The Associated Press, “Colorado Teen Shot And Killed By Stepfather After Report Of Burglary,” Dec. 24, 2013

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