Authorities try to protect Colorado college students from fraud

While classes are just starting for Colorado college students, there is already cause for alarm among law enforcement in regards to student safety. To be more specific, the safety concern is over students’ finances and how there might be suspects out there trying to scam kids out of their likely already limited savings.

So far, according to ABC 7 News, at least two Colorado college students have been targets of what authorities are alleging to be financial fraud. If police are right about what has happened to the alleged white collar crime victims, then there are parties who are taking advantage of the fact that college students are often naive and desperate to earn money.

After authorities were alerted to at least two supposed fraud victims, they are warning others out there to be careful about job postings and unusual payment arrangements. They are looking for the party or parties responsible for stealing about $6,000 from a Colorado student by tricking her into sending money orders that she believed were tied to income earned. She wound up getting no pay for her work and losing the thousands she sent.

Colorado officials take white collar crimes seriously and will undoubtedly focus on potential scams among the college campuses now that the school year has begun. College campuses and the students that walk among them can be common sources of police investigation. Students are often looking for ways to earn money or afford life on their own, qualities that can attract potential fraud and the investigations that follow.

Not allegations of fraud are based on the truth, and someone who feels that he or she has been wrongfully accused of a scam shouldn’t hesitate to seek the help of an aggressive criminal defense lawyer in the area.

Source: ABC 7 News, “‘Work from home’ email scammers targeting CU students,” Phil Tenser, Sep. 3, 2013

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