Air Force Academy contractor suspected in sexual assault

Police have arrested a Colorado Springs man, claiming that he sexually assaulted a teen.

The alleged sexual assaults started when the boy was 16 years old, and took place over the past two years. The teen accused the man of assaulting him both at the teenager’s home and at an Air Force Academy office.

The Air Force Academy is assisting the Colorado Springs police in investigating these accusations.

According to the teen, the suspect gave him gifts and money in order to persuade him to have oral sex. The suspect is also accused of giving the teen alcohol and sleeping pills in exchange for sex.

The accused man allegedly made videos of an encounter at the boy’s home and another encounter at the academy and then threatened that he would show the videos to the teen’s family.

The teenager alleges that the man threatened to both kill the boy and himself. He is accused of putting a 9mm gun to both his and the teen’s head while making these threats.

The police say that the man admits to having sex with the victim at least five times. He also reportedly told police that he had been drinking and using the drug Ambien, which he also gave to the teen without his knowledge.

Authorities are investigating whether there may be additional victims.

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Source: Colorado Springs Gazette, “Springs man suspected of sexually assaulting child,” July 20, 2012

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