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January 2017 Archives

The high cost of drinking and driving in Colorado

You probably know that the best way to avoid arrest for drunk driving is to avoid getting behind the wheel after you have been drinking. However, things happen. It may not have been your plan to drive, or perhaps you didn't intend to have as much to drink. Now you are facing charges that threaten to derail life as you know it.

To toke or not toke in Colorado: That is the question

If you're one of many young adults, over age 21, who use marijuana as a recreational pastime, the state of Colorado welcomes you to do so while you're here. Recreational use of the drug has been legal in this state for several years. Unlike Jackson Browne's famous lyric of being a "midnight toker" suggests, you no longer have to slink around after dark when you fire up a joint. Whether this is a good or bad thing remains hotly debated throughout the nation.

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