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December 2016 Archives

Solitary confinement may soon be a thing of the past

If your loved one has been incarcerated for any length of time, you may have heard stories about fellow inmates spending time in "the box." This is one of many nicknames for solitary confinement or the special housing unit where prisoners remain separated from the general population.

Should you move to have your criminal record sealed?

A past arrest or criminal charge could have a serious impact on various areas of your life, even if there was no conviction. You should not underestimate the impact that your past criminal record can have on your current circumstances. For some people, it is beneficial to move to have criminal records sealed.

Recreational drug use and DUI laws

Changes in Colorado's laws regarding the recreational use of marijuana have brought confusion and frustration as lawmakers continue to work to adjust DUI laws to match these changes. As a result, individuals arrested for allegedly driving under the influence of drugs may face challenges as they fight to protect their right to drive and other lawful entitlements.

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