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What is Adult Criminal Drug Court?

Drug Court in Colorado Springs has taken on a new roll with the changing of the drug laws in Colorado.  Adult Criminal Drug Court (ACDC) was originally set up as a sentencing alternative. Drug Court was a way people accused of a drug offense could keep a permanent felony conviction off of their record.  Upon successful completion of the program and aftercare the El Paso District Attorney's office agreed the case would be dismissed and the criminal case could be sealed.   

Effective October 1, 2013 the Colorado State laws regulating felonies for drug possession and drug use were changed.  Drug possession felonies are now classified into 4 different classes.  Individuals charged as a first or second offense of a drug felony 4 (DF4) will have the option to have their DF4 converted into a misdemeanor after successful completion of community based treatment through probation.  The new roll of ACDC is to provide the treatment program that would ensure the felony will change to a misdemeanor.

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