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Man charged with kidnapping and assault in Colorado Springs

A 49-year-old man was arrested by Colorado Springs police following an alleged kidnapping incident on April 24. According to reports, the police department received a call around 4:40 p.m. that day from a person claiming to have seen someone preventing a woman from leaving an SUV near Shasta Drive and Fountain Drive. The caller reportedly was able to provide police with possible license plate numbers as well.

Approximately four minutes after the first call, a second call came in from a different person close to Circle Drive and Airport Road, claiming to have seen a woman kick the vehicle door and call for help. The second caller also reported seeing someone hold the woman down in the car.

According to police, a third person called to report a disturbance near Academy Boulevard at the Walmart Neighborhood Market as police were searching for the SUV. The vehicle the caller described matched that described by the other callers. Officers located the vehicle and found the woman as well, although it was not clear if she was found in the SUV.

A K-9 found the 49-year-old man accused of kidnapping the woman close the scene, and officers placed him under arrest. He is facing third-degree assault charges and second-degree kidnapping charges, and the man also had an outstanding second-degree assault felony. It was not clear whether the man and woman knew each other or how the woman came to be in the vehicle in the first place.

Witness testimony can often be unreliable, and it is easy for a situation to be misinterpreted by bystanders on the outside. Whether or not the witness accounts can be corroborated by the other facts of the case is likely to be key factor if this case goes to trial.

Source:  FOX21NEWS, "CAPTURED: Man accused of kidnapping woman in Colorado Springs" Travis Ruiz, Apr. 25, 2014

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