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October 2013 Archives

White collar crime trend takes on shade of marijuana green

Colorado residents are well aware of the changing attitudes regarding marijuana not just here but in all of the U.S. Here, marijuana laws have been the subject of controversy as well as actual legislative change in recent years. And just as new laws make for progress but also new legal questions, they also seem to making for new criminal risk.

Colorado grand jury documents reignite interest in JonBenet death

JonBenet Ramsey's dead body was found in the basement of her Colorado family home in 1996. From the beginning, suspicion swirled around the child pageant star's parents, John and Patricia. Despite the intense level of suspicion, neither parent was ever formally charged following their child's now infamous death.

Sex offender laws can trap kids in sex offender registry

Sex crimes are taken seriously in Colorado and the rest of the country. Laws regarding sexual offenses can vary from state to state. A recent Business Insider piece put together a list of laws that wound up endangering the future of children who made mistakes.

Teen's future threatened by Colorado Springs murder case

Being charged with a crime of any kind is a daunting life event. Now, imagine that you are a kid and facing the possibility of being convicted of a crime. To make matters even more serious, the possible charge that a Colorado juvenile might face is murder.

Underage drinking and sober driver combine to make public stir

Parents are told time and time again to have honest, consistent conversations with their kids about alcohol and drug use and not driving under the influence. So if you were told that your teen was impaired and called a sober friend for a ride, would you feel a sense of pride or relief?

What does Fido have to do with violent crime cases?

What has a wet nose, perky ears, a wagging tail and could be classified as a dangerous or deadly weapon in a criminal case? That's right. According to a New York Times piece, a dog can be seen as a weapon in cases involving assault or even murder charges. 

Colorado athlete's domestic violence case dropped

In a past post, we shared how Denver Nuggets star Ty Lawson attracted attention for his personal and not professional life. He and his pregnant girlfriend were both arrested related to a domestic dispute that Colorado authorities responded to in August.

Teen finally agrees to avoided plea deal in sex crime case

Reuters reports that a teen who was charged with a sex crime involving a minor has given in to the idea of making a plea deal. Her criminal defense attorney shares how the threat of conviction was "too risky" given that the young defendant could have faced severe sentencing for sex crimes.

Supreme Court decision could impact drivers' rights

The Supreme Court of the United States is going to clarify a hugely important issue in many criminal cases in Colorado and all across the U.S. Is an anonymous tip reasonable cause to pull a person over for investigation? Clearly, this question is valuable in DWI cases but also to other types of cases as well.

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