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September 2013 Archives

Teen defendant to be tried as adult in Colorado murder case

Legally speaking, when someone is 18 years old, he is an adult. He can vote, go to war. He can live on his own. He can be tried as an adult in criminal court if he's charged with a crime. But what if the defendant was only 17 when the incident in question took place? Would Colorado's legal system consider him an adult?

Colorado bus driver charged with driving under the influence

Drunk driving laws in Colorado are no joke. Not only do law enforcement and the courts take DUI cases seriously, but the public casts an intense stigma upon those accused of driving under the influence. That is particularly true when the DUI defendant is accused of driving drunk with kids in his vehicle. 

Colorado floods put authorities on-guard regarding money scams

Colorado residents are still grappling with the reality that they are left with after massive flooding. Clearly, those who have lost homes or have gotten injured or ill as a result of the weather disaster are vulnerable at this point. It is a low point in their lives, and legal officials warn that these vulnerable flood victims are now vulnerable to a different kind of disaster: a financial one.

Drunk driving: horsepower doesn't have to come from an engine

Most people know that consuming alcohol and then getting behind the wheel of a car, truck or other automobile could lead to drunk driving charges. The word “driving” is even in the name of the offense. What isn’t as clear is what other modes of transportation could lead to an alcohol-related arrest. Does the vehicle even have to have a motor at all?

Charges of violent crime dropped in elderly man's case

What if you got a call letting you know that your grandfather was arrested and charged with assault? Most likely such news would be shocking, if not unsettling. In the case of an elderly Colorado man accused of attacking a parking attendant with his cane, even the district attorney ultimately decided that charging him criminally was wrong.

Colorado resident's sex offender status doesn't make him criminal

The public might think that it is the job of law enforcement to keep them safe, and to an extent they are right. However, the most important part of the law's job is to protect the rights of citizens, including those who have pasts that might upset others.

Authorities try to protect Colorado college students from fraud

While classes are just starting for Colorado college students, there is already cause for alarm among law enforcement in regards to student safety. To be more specific, the safety concern is over students' finances and how there might be suspects out there trying to scam kids out of their likely already limited savings.

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