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August 2013 Archives

Rising Colorado athlete arrested for domestic violence

NBA Nuggets' player Ty Lawson was supposed to have been in court for a hearing regarding his recent arrest last week. Earlier this month, the Colorado team's point guard made headlines for his life off of the basketball court. He's not the only one in trouble; his pregnant girlfriend is, too.

Supreme Court pushes states to rethink sentencing for juveniles

The matter of ethical sentencing and what is cruel and unusual punishment is much debated. People will disagree on what is right and wrong in regards to criminal offenders, and that debate gets even more sensitive when juvenile offenders are involved.

Colorado law enforcement big player in FBI operation

In recent years, there has been increased attention placed on sex crimes, specifically prostitution and sex trafficking. In fact, the FBI recently established an initiative that was named Operation Cross Country VII. The operation was put together with the goal of targeting those that were suspected of participating in these sex offenses. 

Colorado minor league players suspended after rape charges

Baseball fans whose taste for the sport reaches even into Colorado's minor baseball league might recognize the faces and names of two 23-year-old Colorado Rockies players who were arrested recently. Both young men are now former pitchers for the team due to their legal situations.

Is U.S. justice system ignoring DNA evidence in criminal cases?

TV shows and movies make it seem pretty black and white. If a person is guily of a crime, he goes to jail. If a person is innocent, he leaves the courtroom with a smile on his face and his family by his side. Unfortunately, the real world is not always so simple. 

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