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Holiday DWI enforcement leads to 32 Colorado Springs arrests

For most of us, the Fourth of July holiday of 2013 is behind us. We've moved on with our lives and have stored the parties and fireworks in our memories until new ones can be made next year. For those whose holiday turned sour because of a DUI arrest, however, the time period will remain at the forefront of their minds as they worry about their futures.

With the Fourth now a couple of weeks passed, official reports regarding Colorado DWI arrest rates have surfaced. There is relatively good news from an overall perspective. Still, any arrest is bad news for the person arrested. The following are some drunk driving arrest facts:

  • Colorado police made 535 DUI arrests over the weekend of the Fourth of July, 2013.
  • Thirty-two of those arrests took place in Colorado Springs.
  • Colorado Springs had the third most DUI arrests of any city in the state over the holiday period. 
  • Colorado police made 632 DUI arrests over the same holiday period in 2012. 
  • The good news is that nearly 100 fewer people were arrested for drunk driving in Colorado this year. The bad news is that there are still the more than 500 suspects dealing with the stress that comes with a DUI case.

Holidays are notorious for an increase in DWI arrests, and Labor Day is still to come. Whether a driver is charged with DUI in the midst of a holiday weekend or just a regular day, the same is true. He needs the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer if he wants to protect his best interests. 

Source: The Colorado Springs Gazette, "Colorado Springs has third highest number of DUI arrests over July 4th enforcement period," Daniel Chacon, July 16, 2013

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