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Acknowledgment of Holmes' guilt in shootings isn't end of defense

Incidents don't get much more gruesome than the one that took place at the Aurora theater. James Holmes is charged with the murders and attempted murders of various Colorado moviegoers. He recently pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, a murder defense that has ignited fury among those who were directly impacted by the violent crime as well as those who are mere spectators of the criminal trial.

The public likes to know what happened and why in cases like this one. They want a clear understanding and love to get a straightforward confession. Therefore, perhaps recent words from Holmes' defense team comes as a refreshing surprise to critics of the not guilty plea.

The Denver Post reports that among their many other actions and requests in the murder trial, the criminal defense team made an impactful statement regarding the actions of their client. The following words came straight from the lawyers: "...he committed the acts that resulted in the tragic loss of life and injuries sustained by moviegoers on July 20, 2012."

This might be confusing since Holmes pleaded not guilty. How do a confession and a not guilty plea coexist in the same case? Holmes' future clearly depends on the success of the insanity defense. He is supposedly undergoing thorough mental evaluations as his defense attorneys build the best case for him as possible to prove that he was "in the throes of a psychotic episode" when he committed the violence that has so shaken up the world. 

We will post an udpate when there are further developments in this Colorado trial.

Source: The Denver Post, "James Holmes' attorneys admit he was Aurora theater shooter," John Ingold, July 11, 2013

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