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June 2013 Archives

Colorado officer mishandles evidence from 48 rape cases

In an ideal world, everyone would do their jobs perfectly. They would be effective, ethical, honest workers and not make mistakes. If that were true, perhaps fewer people would be wrongfully charged and convicted of crimes. This point comes up due to a sensitive matter involving a Colorado police officer in Aurora.

Defense team for young Colorado murder suspect have many requests

In October 2012, a 10-year-old girl went missing. Her remains were later found, and a 17-year-old allegedly confessed that he was responsible for the child's disappearance and death. Despite the tragedy of the case and the alleged confession, the young Colorado murder defendant deserves a fair shot at a criminal defense.

When lab work isn't credible, neither are DUI charges

For someone battling a drunk driving charge, part of that battle is getting over the hurdle of the results of chemical tests. Did a blood test result in a person's DUI charge? If so, that doesn't necessarily mean that the charge should stick or that a conviction is appropriate.

Supreme Court's DNA decision boosts Colorado's confidence in law

While some other states might be in a panic over the Supreme Court's recent decision about DNA sample collecting, Colorado residents might think the entire matter sounds familiar. That is because Colorado lawmakers already enacted a law in 2010 that allows a more liberal approach regarding which criminal suspects' DNA samples can be collected. 

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