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May 2013 Archives

Child will be charged as adult in Colorado bomb scare case

There is no question that recent violent events within schools as well as the Boston Marathon bombing have left the nation hyper-sensitive to any potential threats of violence. Gun laws are changing, and more and more people are on the lookout for a possible sign of danger and willing to swiftly act. 

Convicted Colorado inmate temporarily saved from execution

In past blog posts we have discussed the controversial matter of the death penalty in Colorado. Gov. Hickenlooper has had the opportunity to change the system by doing away with capital punishment in the state. He chose not to do so on the general level, but he has made a recent decision that does save at least one man from facing his death sentence.

Safety group is eyeing US BAC limits, suggesting harsher law

Do you think that the current 0.08 limit for DUI blood and breath tests is fair? Some might argue that they are not dangerously impaired at that level. That doesn't matter, though. If law enforcement catches a driver at the legal limit, the driver will be charged and potentially convicted of DUI. A defendant can be left wondering how he wound up in the stressful situation. 

Not all Colorado sex offenders must stay on registry forever

The sex offender registry in Colorado is a way for those who have been convicted of sex crimes to remain punished for a limitless amount of time. They might not be in prison, but they are living within a system that takes away their privacy and some basic freedoms enjoyed by the rest of the public. Did you know that the sex offender registry isn't necessarily a life sentence?

Drunk biking arrest in Colorado is a sobering reality

According to a Colorado news reports, arrests for drunk biking in Fort Collins are rare. Every once in a while, however, they apparently happen. A recent DUI arrest of a Colorado man is evidence that police will pursue even bicyclists who they believe have had too much to drink before getting behind the handlebars.

High-profile stories of violence: Do they lead to overreaction?

There is no question that incidents like the Sandy Hook shooting, the Aurora theater shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing and more are all serious acts of violence that ended in tragedy. Naturally, lawmakers and the general public react strongly to such acts, whether it is through crafting legislative proposals, the support of those proposal or in-home efforts to promote anti-violence among one's children.

Colorado lawmakers pressured into rethinking sex crime laws

Sex crimes and related issues create passion in people, from media pundits to the average Joe. Some might say that the public tends to react more harshly to sex offenses than they do to even murder. An environment in which that is true makes it tough on those who've been convicted or merely accused of a sexual offense.

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