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April 2013 Archives

DUI marijuana bill won't become Colorado law

In a previous post we shared how a new law regarding impaired driving might be added to Colorado's books. A vote last week, however, keeps DUI laws related to marijuana stagnant. The legislative development has resulted in passionate responses from both sides, those who saw the proposal as common sense and those who saw it as a hasty attempt to control a problem that might not exist.

Popularity of video footage can be great help to law enforcement

Technology comes with its perks. Cell phones and computers can make various aspects of our lives much easier and more efficient. A very popular aspect of a phone that most rely on is their camera. Just about everyone is snapping pictures and taking videos all around us.

Governor has more decisions to make about Colorado gun laws

Two more legislative proposals are on the desk of Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper. Anti-gun advocates are not letting up on their goal to have various stricter gun laws enacted in the state. Gun control supporters in Colorado and throughout the country have been inspired to fight for legal changes since various violent incidents involving guns have shaken up the U.S.

Police can't always require DUI blood tests without a warrant

In an order that comes from the U.S. Supreme Court, law enforcement in Colorado and throughout the country might want to take a look at their blood test process in drunk driving cases. Collecting blood evidence from DUI suspects isn't always acceptable, particularly when officials don't have warrants to do so.

Colorado 'bully' now a juvenile defendant in assault case

It is all the rage these days to discuss the seriousness of bullying trends throughout the country. A recent Colorado incident caught on video and shared via YouTube made bullying a topic of conversation in the state. Now, the conversation isn't just about bullying but also about a teenager being charged with a violent crime.

Divisive bill would add the unborn to victims of Colorado crimes

Critics of Colorado's state constitution are fighting for the rights of the unborn to be recognized. Though they insist that a current piece of legislation to modify laws will not affect laws regarding abortion in Colorado, pro-choice advocates are challenging the legislative effort.

Marijuana DUI bill is closer to becoming Colorado law

Medical marijuana has been legal in Colorado for some time. But with the more recent vote to legalize the recreational use of the drug, some lawmakers and traffic safety advocates have upped their persistence to get a law on the books that would prevent DUI accidents caused by marijuana use.

Aurora shooting suspect faces battle against death penalty

Our previous post covered how Colorado won't be eliminating the death penalty anytime in the near future. And it looks like the rejection of the bill to throw out the death penalty came just in time to support prosecutors' goal regarding the Colorado murder case against now notorious suspect, James Holmes.

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