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Super Bowl weekend left 421 drivers tackling DWI charges

Lots of people, even non-football lovers, look forward to Super Bowl Sunday every year. They plan big parties with lots of finger foods. They invite people over and use the sporting event as a reason to liven up the winter.

Law enforcement knows that livening up a party sometimes involves drinking to excess. They use the Heat is On campaign during weekends like that in order to, as they explain, prevent drunk driving and the accidents that follow. This year's Super Bowl weekend was no different, except for the fact that a relatively higher amount of Colorado drivers were arrested compared to in recent years.

CBS Denver reports that there were 421 DUI arrests throughout Colorado over the course of Super Bowl weekend. There were 28 DUI arrests in Colorado Springs on Sunday alone. In total, the number of arrests is the most that there has been since the Heat is On DUI-prevention campaign started in 2009.

Just because an arrest is made for suspicion of DUI doesn't mean that a suspect is doomed to be convicted of the criminal offense. The Super Bowl crackdown means that there are 421 suspects who have a reason now to fight to protect their names and futures from convictions and to keep their driver's licenses.

Authorities tend to make someone feel guilty for simply being pulled over in a traffic stop. Intimidation should not scare a suspect into saying or doing anything that might incriminate himself. Our Colorado DUI defense lawyers can help mitigate the potential consequences of a drunk driving arrest.

Source: CBS Denver, "Colorado Law Enforcement Arrest 421 For DUI Over Super Bowl Weekend," Feb. 13, 2013

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