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February 2013 Archives

Colorado teen charged with violent crime against fellow student

In a YouTube video that has attracted many viewers, a trio of Colorado teens can be seen participating in a lunchroom brawl that goes beyond the average lunchroom stresses. Whereas a teen's biggest worry in the school cafeteria used to be whether she'd have anyone to sit with, what went down in the cafeteria in this instance suggests that modern day teens live in a different world.

Colorado bill seeks to increase rape arrests with tested rape kits

In the past we shared a post about controversy regarding rape kits in Colorado and how they are not all tested. Debate about the lack of testing continues, with House Rep. Frank McNulty pushing a bill that would require that all kits be sent to labs for testing.

Colorado bill would make gun business guilty of gun crimes

Gun legislation has been at the forefront of many state legislatures as of late due recent mass shootings. Colorado has had several major incidents with Columbine and the Aurora movie theater shootings to top the list. The Sandy Hook incident is another example of a violent crime that's inspired gun law talks.

Why the DA never indicted Ramseys for JonBenet's death

We shared a violent crime post last week about the infamous JonBenet Ramsey homicide case. From the beginning, as is common in cases of crimes against children, the child victim's parents became the targets of criminal accusations. Even a grand jury wanted to try the parents in criminal court.

Accuser had history of making false allegations

A Colorado Court of Appeals recently ruled that prosecutors wrongfully withheld the accuser's history of making false allegations in a trial that ultimately led to the conviction of a youth counselor for sexual assault. It appears that evidence was available that the accuser in question, who was 17-years old at the time, had previously also made a false accusation of sexual assault.

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