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December 2012 Archives

Colorado man takes plea deal for fraud to avoid long prison stay

For some defendants facing charges related to white collar crimes such as fraud, the temptation to cooperate with the authorities or the prosecution might be strong. Perhaps a defendant has some serious securities fraud or theft charges before him and a deal could mitigate the seriousness of a potential sentence.

Pot brownies won't be tolerated in Colorado school

We recently shared a drug post about college students who are in trouble for feeding their classmates brownies laced with THC. The classmates supposedly did not know what "special ingredient" was in the baked goods, a detail that means more serious legal ramifications for the two Colorado defendants.

Police officer taken into custody on suspected DUI

Having a drunk driving charge brought against you can affect your life in many different ways: the first being the potential legal ramifications, followed shortly by the damage to one's reputation and possibly even employment. For one Colorado police officer, repercussions may be something more she faces as she now finds herself dealing with the aftermath of being served a summons due to DUI suspicions after another officer reported her.

Pot prank puts Colorado students at risk of assault convictions

The excitement over the recent vote to legalize recreational marijuana in Colorado may have led a couple of college students to make a big mistake. They are accused of bringing brownies to their class and letting students and staff eat them without informing them that they were eating brownies laced with THC.

There are more details to Colorado marijuana law than 'it's legal'

The recent election is sure to be remembered for many reasons. Among those reasons is the fact that Colorado was one of two states to legalize marijuana for recreational use. In Colorado, the law was defined by Amendment 64 which makes it legal to possess up to an ounce of marijuana for personal use once the law takes effect on Jan. 6, 2013. No matter how much he has, a juvenile with any marijuana will still be committing a drug crime. The confusion, in part, lies in how exactly Coloradoans are supposed to get the drug, since the distribution will still be illegal. Another point of confusion is that this use will be legal on a state level but still illegal on a federal level. Still another is that many may not realize that public use is prohibited and that the law changes won't be on the books until January.

Only 10 years old, Colorado girl could face marijuana charge

Even those who aren't from Colorado likely know about a big election result. Voters in Colorado decided that they want marijuana to be legal for not just medical but recreational use as well. Drug laws, however, are complicated because there are federal laws and then state laws. Generally, a federal law will trump a state law, so exactly how the supposed legalization of marijuana in Colorado will really play out is more complex than just a free-for-all regarding marijuana sales and use.

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