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Police arrest alleged identity thief in Colorado Springs

A man who police believe may be guilty of identity theft was recently arrested in Colorado Springs. The man was detained by security in a local home improvement store after he had used a fake ID to obtain a store credit card and used it to charge $5,600 worth of merchandise.

Police officials believe that the arrest of the 29-year-old suspect may allow them to make more arrests and to reduce crime in the local area.

One police spokesperson said that identity theft crimes are often done by teams of people and that many times, the perpetrators end up becoming acquainted with each other.

According to a media outlet, a search of the suspect's vehicle produced a large quantity of stolen mail. In addition, police officials recovered a number of stolen IDs and other kinds of personal information apparently taken from 15 individuals.

The kind of information discovered is consistent with that used to commit crimes involving identity theft, police said.

At this time, officers aren't certain if the materials they found in the suspect's car had already been used to commit identity theft or not. Police believe some of the victims are unaware their IDs had been stolen and that additional investigation into the matter needs to be done.

Many times, the stolen IDs and personal information are obtained during burglaries and sold to others who may perpetrate the actual identity theft crimes, police said.

Police also said they found a cache of illegal crystal meth along with paraphernalia used to smoke the illegal drug in the man's vehicle. A stolen handgun was also reportedly recovered.

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Source: KRDO: "Identity Theft Suspect Nabbed At Home Depot," Scott Harrison, Oct. 5, 2011

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