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Federal government: Colorado tops states' list for fraud

It's a crime being targeted more and more often by federal prosecutors: fraud. In fact, according to the Federal Trade Commission, Colorado is now ranked atop the list of states for complaints of fraud. We rank eleventh in complaints about identity theft as well.

As anyone who has been accused of either of these crimes knows, these are serious accusations. Not only is your freedom in jeopardy, but charges of fraud or ID theft can ruin families and businesses as well.

Anyone charged with fraud or ID theft in Colorado Springs knows that after an arrest by federal agents, they face the unlimited resources of the federal government. So a defendant needs a defense attorney experienced not only in conducting high-level negotiations with federal law enforcement agencies and prosecutors, but also in successfully going to trial in federal court.

Recently, some Colorado law enforcement agencies attended a seminar put together by the FBI - Law Enforcement Executive Development Association (LEEDA) and an identity theft protection firm.

An FBI-LEEDA spokesperson laid out a basic difference between fraud and identity theft for a local media outlet. He said fraud often involves a person who uses another person's name or bank account. Identity theft, on the other hand, "is when they assume your identity and pose as you."

The spokesperson said that in some cases, some people accused of ID theft will take out a loan in someone else's name.

Some related crimes include accounting fraud, mortgage fraud and bank fraud, insurance fraud, bankruptcy fraud and securities fraud and insider trading.

Source: 9 News: "Colorado no. 1 in number of fraud cases" by Brooke Thacker: Sept. 7, 2011

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